Roast beef and yorkshire pudding anybody?

11-May-2013 22:10
in General
by Admin

 Had an unusual request for a Roast dinner cake last week!  I must admit I have never done anything like this before, and well, me being me I love a challenge, so I accepted!........................

Must admit it was more work than I anticipated, had to make all of the componants individually and let them dry, then had to paint food colour on the pieces to make them look authentic.Once the dinner was made, painted and dry, then I made a dinner plate from gum paste and assembled the dinner and made some gravy from royal icing.Then once the plate was complete we made the cake for the plate to sit on and some cutlery and condiments with a serviette...........the customer was delighted, and I am happy to say have already had referrals from this cake.  Here is the final cake.Hope you like it.  I dont know about you, but its making me feel hungry! Laughing


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