limousines, ruby weddings and chanel handbags.......

07-April-2013 11:28
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by Admin

 The week ended as it had begun..............BUSY!!!  We had a huge limousine to make for 80 people with 30 cupcakes to match for the children, a ruby wedding cake and another chanel handbag with the clients favourite chanel perfume besides the bag.  As if I didn't have enough to worry about - the car only broke down on friday morning, just before two deliveries the other side of Torrevieja at La Marina and Guardamar......what a complete nightmare.  My car is still in the garage as we speak, but my good friend Consuelo came to the rescue and helped me with my deliveries, so all went well in the end.  (thanks Consu, you are a real good friend!)

We have another busy week ahead with a big wedding in Alicante, a wedding blessing in Guardamar and several more birthdays, and another order has just come in for the following week, a camper van! - Im so looking forward to doing that cake, a 60s style VW camper van, its great to do something different.  So look out for our next blog which should be interesting.  Hope you like the photos.