Shoes or NO shoes, that was the question.........

30-March-2013 16:49
in General
by Admin

Well we had a dilemma in the Cakemagic kitchen yesterday!  We were commisioned to make a 'girly' 25th birthday cake, the design was up to us, but the colour was to be fushia pink and black.......well, I suggested some designer shoes, maybe a gift box and some bling.  The client was happy to go with this, so I made the shoes out of sugar, and iced and decorated the cake.  However, once the cake was decorated I didnt want to put the shoes on it, I thought it looked good without them.

I decided to call the client and ask them to come and view the cake.  They loved the cake as it was, but when they saw the shoes standing there on the work top, they fell in love with them and really wanted them on the cake.............As you all know the customer is 'always right' the shoes were placed onto the cake.  Im still undecided whether the cake looks better with or without?  Take a look and you decide, and please let us know your thoughts.